Friday, April 9, 2010

Resolution of Vista Unidentified Network or Limited Connectivity

The Vista Unidentified Network or Limited Connectivity could be gateway, hardware, TCP/IP configuration or security issues. The following are some resolutions.

1. If this is multihomed computer, computer with two NICs or ICS enabled computers, make sure you have correct TCP/IP, especially default gateway settings. Also refer to this case:

Multihomed Vista may receive ...
The multihomed Vista may receive "Unidentified network" message if it is configured incorrectly. Try to assign 192.168.1.x Ip to both 1GB LAN and make sure ...

2. If it works before but now, you may re-set router or modem.

3. If other Vista computers work and only one Vista has this issue, upgrade the NIC driver or replace it with different NIC. This post may help too.

Vista: unidentified network
It is solved for my part. Bought a new nic and that was it. Actually I "borrowed" a really old intel pro 100 from work. So there you go, get yourself a nic ...

Fixed unidentified network using static IP

4. If XP works but Vista, check if there is any new firmware for the router or new driver for the NIC. Please refer to this link:
Vista Wireless Connection Lost ...
When my Vista laptop came, it didn't work with the wireless. I fixed it by installing a new wireless NIC driver dated 2//##/207 from Intel web site. ...

5. Some old router and NIC doesn’t support IPv6, you may want to disable IP6v on Vista TCP/IP settings, re-configure the NIC speed or install Microsoft update. Please refer to this link:

Vista: Common Problems with 802.11 ...
Upgrade the latest driver. Or use Microsoft Wireless Zero Configuration service. ... 5) Re-set NIC speed. 6) Radio frequency (RF) interference from nearby ...

6. If you have 3rd party security software like Norton and McAfee, double check the settings or disable it for the test. Please check this link for more details.

Vista issues
the Vista laptop has limited connectivity to "Unidentified network". ... Problem: McAfee antivirus in Vista blocks incoming tarffic. ...

7. If the Vista connect to the Internet directly using ISP public IP and DNS, check this link:

Vista: Unidentified network when using ISP IP and DNS

Other resolutions

1) Re-configure default gateway and make sure default gateway is not

Fixed unidentified network using static IP

Vista Unidentified Network because default gateway

2) Assign static IP to the NIC.

3) Make sure you use correct DNS and subnet.

4) The 3dr party security software may cause this problem too.

Unidentified Network in Vista because of Norton

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