Monday, April 5, 2010

Boot issues

Black screen with blinking cursor - Unplug all the external peripherals and restart

Disable boot from USB in the BIOS

Amber light - harware issue - contact manufacturer

Green Led - Post complete
Amber / Red - No post

Video Troubleshooting

Green led - Check the connection, type monitor - flat or regular - run Power On Self Test on the monitor by disconnecting it from the tower

VGA cable is connected -monitor power light will be amber

Blank screen with blinking cursor - no boot

In case of laptop - no post is very rarely found - frequent issue is no power - check different power supply - check the light status on the connector - remove the battery and plug the charger directly and power on - try a known good charger

a. PCI Express - VGA(Blue - 15 pin) and DVI(white) and S-Video

b. AGP

c. PCI

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