Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unable to open websites, using newly added (bind) IP address on server 2008 R2, Using IIS

Hi people,

If you come across a situation, where your newly added (Bind) IP address are not responding on IIS, this could be related to several issue, as below

 DNS Records Issue – Check DNS server & verify records are resolving properly, use nslookup utility, If required perform flushdns, to have fast results

 Telnet port 80 or 443, using newly added IP address – Open cmd – telnet X.X.X.X 80, look for the result & act accordingly

 If you are getting – connection could not be established on telnet, for those IP address, it means that IP is not listened on port 80- by IIS, to check this, you can also type the IP address in browser and see, what it brings up, act accordingly

 If there is no blockage on Firewall – Both Windows & Network, you have to make IP listen forcefully, use below command

netsh http add iplisten 10.X.X.X

 After performing this command, you can telnet to the required port & it will have th IP up on that port, for 443, make sure, you have SSL & proper cert attached to the web site.

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  1. It is advisable that before testing a website online it is better to run it on a local server otherwise faulty configuration will automatically not open the website.

    Silvester Norman

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