Thursday, September 5, 2013

route add command in windows server

Hi People,

We come across the situation, where we have to define route on windows servers, defining routes would be (Print / Add / Delete & Change)

Switches: -

 -p (Added the route to windows server registry, without p it will store the route to RAM-based IP routing table, this option without p is used very rarely

 -f (Clears the routing table of all gateway entries)

Route Commands:-

 route print (destination IP address) :- Will print the route of the destination IP address

 route add –p abc mask xyz pqr IF 15 :- Where (abc – IP to be routed, xyz – Subnet mask, pqr – gateway of the windows server, 15 – Interface)

 route delete (destination IP address) :- This will delete the route of the specified destination

 route change :- Changes the route (Please use similar values, as in route add )

 route mask (netmask) :- It specifies the next parameter of the next mask value, If nothing is provided, by default it takes

Ideally Network admins deals with these things, however good to know information for Windows Admin, if they encounter any issues with route

Happy learning, I thank you for your valuable time

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