Thursday, September 5, 2013

Citrix Issues ICA listener / session down

Hi People,

We encounter this issue many times, when running on Citrix environments, especially when we do not reboot our Citrix server ever after 14 days, ideally recommended to bounce citrix server once in 14 days.

We have port 1494 – which holds the listener & respond to Citrix gateway & application is pulled from application server, this all can be managed from Citrix Management Console (CMC)

Steps to check & reset down session / ICA listener:-

 Please logon to Citrix server, Can use Citrix website, for reference

 Launch Citrix Management Console

 Check for the alerts raised on CMC

 Browse Application on CMC & select application, which has issue

 Change Display (in The middle Pane) to Session

 At your left hand side, You’ll see several session, Search & locate “down”

 Select “down” & right click perform “reset”

 Once done from CMC, go to Terminal Server Services (tsadmin)

 Select the server local or can connect to the another Citrix server in the farm

 At left hand side, search & locate “down” ICA listener, right click & say reset

 Doing it from Terminal Server is fast & effective

 Have the requestor to test the application, Issue will be resolved

Happy Learning, I thank you for your valuable time


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