Saturday, January 19, 2013

Use the Dell ExtPart utility to expand your Window partitions

Hi People,

You can use Dell ExtPart utility to expand your windows partition without any downtime.

You can download this tool from :-

This simple utility lets you grow basic disks in Windows operating system. I myself have only used it to extend the system disk C:\ on a Windows 2003 server, and it worked without a hitch.

How to use this Utility :- 

Step 1. Power down your virtual machine so you can grow your HDD in "edit settings" (Note that you can not have snapshots saved as you cant resize your virtual disk if you do)

Step 2. Once you have grown your virtual disk, power on your virtual machine and check in DiskManager that you have unallocated space next to the disk you intend to expand

Step 3. Extract the Dell ExtPart utility and then start cmd.exe since this a cmd based tool

Step 4. Simply grow your disk the following syntax:

extpart partition: size

The size is given in MB and dont forget the :

An example :

extpart c: 1024 (This grows my system partition with 1 GB)

Feel Free to go and browse more details on this 

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  1. please doesnt work in case of dynamic disk

    please suggest

    1. Hi Hemant,

      It does work on dynamic disk, as All the disk below 1 TB can be considered or termed as Dynamic, again depending on user choice & requirement

      Please let me know, what issue you are facing when executing this utility

    2. Hi Hemant,

      What is the disk size and operating system, that you are trying to expand using extpart utility