Sunday, January 27, 2013

Creating a WinSSHD User For UNIX Access

Hi People,

 Creating a WinSSHD user will allow Unix user to communicate with Windows system , using password less autehntication.

This requires following things

  1. WinSHHD software
  2. RSA Key generated by Unix
  3. Existing Unix user
  4. Path of Root directory

Please find thge steps below as how to configure WinSSHD software on Windows System

1. Log into server

2. Launch WinSSHD Control Panel (you can find this by clicking START and using search)

3. Under Settings click Open Easy Settings

4. Go to Tab #3 Virtual accounts

5. Click Add

6. Under Virtual Account Name enter the Unix Name

7. Click Public Keys

8. On new window that opens, click Import

9. Browse to SSH key click OK

10. Click Close to close out the Public Keys window

11. Uncheck “Allow Terminal”

12. To the right of Virtual Filesystem Layout select Limit to root directory

13. A new field will appear “Root Directory” enter the path provided by client.

14. Click OK to close out Account Add window

15. Click Save Changes to close out Easy Settings window

  Please feel free to communicate   Happy to help

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