Tuesday, February 26, 2013

tsadmin command details

Hi People,

You might have experienced issues, related to “Terminal server connection exceeded “ While trying to access servers, this is related to terminal server connection, which are on those servers.

In this scenario, you simply cannot kill or disconnect the session of next person, as he might be doing or performing some important activity, Below command will give you the details of users who are logged in & also their status disconnected or active

What you need to do is

Click on Start ->Go to Run-> type “tsadmin”

Tsadmin -> Terminal Server Admin Console

This command will open a console, which will have list of servers, including the one from which you are executing this command, so you just need to look for the domain name and right click & say “connect to the server” & enter the IP address or FQDN of the server, for which you need information of users logged on to it.

Now when you have this information & status of that user’s, you can contact them and ask them to release their session & can login to that box, without impacting next person’s task

Hope this helps you; feel free to write your questions on this

I Thank you for your time & happy to help

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