Sunday, December 16, 2012

To find desktops, sessions, and desktop groups - Citrix

In Desktop Studio, click the Search node.

Enter the name or part of the name of the desktop you want to find.

Optionally, save your search for later use.

Alternatively, use the unfold button to perform an advanced search by building an expression from the available desktop, session, desktop group, or catalog properties.

Use the following tips to speed up your search:

To locate a user device connected to a virtual desktop, use Endpoint and Is, and enter the device's name, or use Endpoint (IP) and Is, and enter the device's IP address.

To locate active sessions, use Session State, Is, and Connected

To list all of the machines in a desktop group, select the group (from the Search or Assignments node) and click View machines

To display other details in search results, right-click a column heading and select Select columns

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