Thursday, January 27, 2011

Information on Virtual machine

Files associated with Virtual machines

.nvram - This file contains BIOS, essential to load BIOS of Virtual machine

.vmx - This file contains hardware configuration of Virtual machine.

.vmdk - this is an Virtual Hard Disk Drive of Virtual machine.

.vmsd - this file contains snapshot of Virtual machine, all snapshot information stores in this file.

.vmxf - This file manages all the hardware in Virtual machine.

Location of all the above mentioned files are in VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) partition, where it is stored under the name of Virtual machine folder name.

Virtual Machine Maximum strength/Support

Virtual CPU (Depending on Physical Processor) - 8 Processor

RAM - 255 GB

SCSI Adaptor - 16 Adaptor

Hard Drive Size - 2 TB

Virtual NIC - 10 NIC

Serial Ports - 4 Ports

Parallel Ports - 3 Ports

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